Explore what prosperity means to you
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Explore what prosperity means to you

Because financial planning is about more than money

Through years of helping our clients plan for their financial futures, we’ve learnt that people’s life goals are not about wealth. The advice we give to you isn’t about money; it’s about security, family and a means to enjoy life to the fullest. So we wanted to create a modern way to start thinking about your relationship with money and how it fits when you’re considering your health and happiness.

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Introducing Prosperity™

Our clients get the most from our advice when they have already started to consider how money will help them achieve their goals in life.

Prosperity™ is an online tool that lets you sit back and take some time to reflect on aspects of life beyond wealth. It’s an engaging way of prioritising your key life ambitions when thinking about your health, wealth and happiness. You can then dive deeper into activities which align with the things you want to focus on.

From Prosperity™ to advice

You can use Prosperity™ simply as a tool for self-reflection or as a way to start a conversation with your financial planner at Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Advisers. If you want to, you can give your financial planner access to the priorities you’ve identified in Prosperity™, and even prompt them to give you advice on specific financial matters.

Our advisers can use Prosperity™ to plan your meeting ahead of time, tailoring your discussion to the issues that are important to you. Looking ahead, it also allows our team to give you essential advice to achieve some of your future financial goals.

Launch Prosperity