Our process for providing you with quality advice

Our advisory service is flexible and tailored. First we take the time to get to know you. When we understand your personal objectives, we work with you to plan and implement the best package of measures, providing as much hands-on help as you need. And of course we follow up with ongoing reviews and support.

How do things for you



1. Understanding You

We’ll gather the information we need to help you make a financial plan. This includes your risk profile, your existing assets, and, most importantly, a sense of what you want to achieve and when. At this meeting we’ll also explain what you can expect from us. This stage of the process is usually at our expense.

2. Planning

We’ll research a number of different ways to get you to your end goals. This will involve many variables, including tax, investment returns and contribution levels. Risk will always play a part, and part of our role is to explain how you can reach your goals at a level of risk you’re comfortable with. We can’t guarantee the end result, but we can set things up to give you the best chance of success.

3. Implementation

We’ll check, complete and manage the paperwork needed to put your plan into action. Most of our clients prefer this; it saves time and energy. But if you’d prefer to implement our recommendations yourself and pay a fee for our time then you have that option.

4. Review

So much can change in a year: markets, tax laws, and your own personal outlook and goals are just three of them. A review of your plans at least annually, more if you prefer, helps to keep your plans on track.